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“Test of Time”
is my second CD, released Oct 2007. It contains 14 original contemporary folk songs. Like "These Days" the songs are acoustic guitar based. The arrangements range from sparse guitar and vocals (Enjoy the Ride) to full blown folk rock (Running from Myself). The title track was inspired by photographs in the Crescent City museum from the 1890s of people no one re embers the names of. There are songs about grief, and love, joy and life. I think you will really enjoy it. Dan Ransford adds his drum magic to four tracks, Linda Weber-Mills contributed percussion to two tunes, Matt McGlynn drums the beat on "Let it Ring" Terry Mills brought the perfect classical guitar touch to "Test of Time"; and Robin O'brien, Linda Swartz, Paulette Luning, Teresa Tudury and Shelly Lea Jones added wonderful harmonies. 


You can purchase "Test of Time" the following way:


Directly from me through the mail. CDs are $15 each (including tax!)
$1 for shipping (doesn't matter how many you order, it's just a dollar for the shipping).  Send me an email => Send Michael an email. Tell me which CD(s) you want and
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and the address you want me to ship them to. I'll send a confirmation
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