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Test of Time
Recording Information
 All vocal and instrument tracks for Test of Time were recorded at “About Time Studio” (my home studio or spare bedroom to be specific), using Pro Tools 6.7, a Digi002 rack and a Sweetwater Creation station PC.  I used a Shure KSM44 microphone on vocals, complementing that with a couple of Shure KSM32 microphones when recording multiple vocal harmonies simultaneously but on separate tracks.  The acoustic instruments were captured using Shure KSM32’s, either mono or stereo.
The drum and percussion tracks were recorded in various ways.

Dan Ransford’s drum and percussion tracks were recorded at Zone Recording by Blair Hardman using Pro Tools. You would have to ask Blair what microphones he used.

Linda Weber-Mills' percussion tracks were recorded at my home studio.

Matthew McGlynn recorded his drum parts at “Borrowed Time Studio”, his home studio, also using Pro Tools. You can check out Matt’s description of recording drums for "Let It Ring" at http://debris.com/journal/1345 to learn more about his recording process.

 Blair recorded his bass part for "Running From Myself" at Zone Recording

The vocal harmony parts were primarily arranged by the artist singing on the track.

Like my first CD, "These Days", final mixing and mastering was done by Blair Hardman at Zone Recording using Pro Tools. Blair is great to work with and a real pro.


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