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These Days
Recording Information
 All vocal and instrument tracks for These Days were recorded at “About Time Studio” (my home studio or spare bedroom to be specific), using Pro Tools 6.7, a Digi002 rack and a Sweetwater Creation station PC.  I primarily used a Shure KSM44 microphone on vocals, complementing that with a couple of Shure KSM32 microphones when recording multiple vocal harmonies simultaneously but on separate tracks.  The acoustic instruments were captured using the Shure KSM32’s, either mono or stereo, although some of the early tracks used a Rode NT1000 and the instrument line outs on two separate mono channels which were blended in the mix.
The drum and percussion tracks were recorded in two ways.

Dan Ransford and Clay Bilby’s drum parts were recorded at Zone Recording by Blair Hardman using Pro Tools. You would have to ask Blair what microphones he used.

Matthew McGlynn recorded his drum parts at “Borrowed Time Studio”, his home studio, also using Pro Tools. You can check out Matt’s description of recording drums for one of my songs (that isn’t on this CD!) at http://debris.com/journal/1345 to learn more about his recording process.

Final mixing and mastering was done by Blair Hardman at Zone Recording using Pro Tools. It was just amazing to me how much a good mix enhances the music captured during the recording process.
The vocal harmonies for These DaysYou're Gone and Tender Love were primarily developed and arranged by Linda Stettler, Linda Swartz, and Paulette Luning in preparation for live perormances by Late Harvest, the Sonoma County band were are members of with Ken Stettler and Michael Luning.  Linda Swartz spontaneously came up with the wonderful vocal part at the end of You're Gone just after we had finished recording all the other parts.  Linda also helped me arrange the harmonies for Another Day.
Robin O'Brien developed her harmonies for Wasn't any Word, Riding on a Memory and Miss You, that's all, and Teresa Tudury developed her harmonies for Back to Me and Coming Home. 


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